Janet Jackson Tour 2016 – Unbreakable Is Finally Here!

Unbreakable has finally arrived! Not only has it arrived but the reviews are in and they are all in agreement that this is one of the best shows that you can go to in recent memory! The Janet Jackson tour 2016 is entertaining crowds and leaving people speechless. There are so many shows scheduled that there certainly is one nearby where you are now. There are a limited amount of seats at each venue of course, so it is in your best interest to make sure that you purchase your seat at the earliest possible date.

It seems like we’ve been waiting a lifetime for this incredible singer to finally take the stage once again and let all her fans based their eyes on her glory. As far as this year goes she has already performed a lot of shows and has a lot more to go, but the bulk of her performing will be happening the following year. Most of her shows will happen starting in January. The final shows of the first leg are coming up soon, but because so many people want to see Janet seeing it live she has had to add so many more dates on to her already hectic schedule. The result of all this popularity is an extremely long second leg, everyone in the country will have a chance to see her sing all of her hits in person.

Get Seats While They Are Still There!

If you are interested in seeing a show or two that is around your area, you can find out all the specifics by going back up to the top of the page and then looking for dates that are around your neighborhood. There is not a single show that she has on her schedule that we do not have on this page right here, you can search confidently, knowing that you have access to every possible location. If there aren’t any shows around where you live at the moment just make sure to visit our site frequently. It’s almost guaranteed that more shows, or possibly even an entire third leg will eventually be announced. So don’t give up hope if there isn’t a concert available around you yet.

The second leg is already here as we previously alluded to. January 12 is the first show that will be performed on this second leg. The folks in Portland Oregon are the lucky ones who are going to get to enjoy this historic date. As far as the first leg of her concerts goes, you are going to need to get some tickets quick otherwise you are going to miss out as 12 November is the last show from her amazing first leg of unbreakable. One thing that’s different about the Janet Jackson tour 2016 when compared with concerts from many other performers is the amount of bonuses and chances you have to win special prizes from the star herself.

Some of these bonuses come in the form of pre-released singles. You can get access to these by being one of the first people to purchase her brand-new album which has the exact same name as the series of concerts that we are discussing now. This was a bit ago, but fans who were smart enough to preorder her latest album were treated to music that you couldn’t find anywhere else. If you show support for Janet she has no problem doing the same for you. She tries to get back to her fans in as many ways as she can! There may be special deals currently happening right now. You’ll have to research it at her official site if you are interested in securing some of these amazing deals.

Special Prizes Are Just A CD Away!

Another way that she is giving people a chance to win special prizes straight from her is in the form of a random lottery type drawing that allows people who bought her brand-new unbreakable album to have a chance at one of several VIP packages. You could end up taking a look at the personal awards collection from Janet, or being able to communicate with her directly just moments before she goes up to play a live concert. She is one of history’s most important performers, and continues to put on shows that only the most talented singers in the world can match. If you want to be a part of the festivities this time around make sure that you pick up your tickets before time runs out.